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Leathercraft – How to make a Keyring

Making a key ring or key fob is a great introduction to leathercraft. From a small folded piece of leather, you can stitch together something practical for yourself or a special gift for someone else. And once you learn leathercraft stitchery, you will want to make all kinds of projects.

While there are a dozen steps top make a simple key ring, each step is easy and intutive. If you didn’t even have instructions, you could figure it out simply by looking at a key fob and reverse engineering it.

This is a very brief summary of the process to show you the basics. The complete process with lots more detail and many more pictures is in my E-book. How you can get a FREE copy of this E-book is explained as you scroll down the page.

Take a look at these typical key fobs for sale on Amazon. They vary quite a bit. All of them are super easy to make.

Eventually, I’ll show you how to make several types, but for now, I’ve had to pick one style that is my personal preference. I combined the ideas shown above, with my preference to personalize the key fob with a design I like.

As background, I like the symbol of the sand dollar and I thought it would be nice to emboss this into my key fob. You can choose quite a few design stamps and personalize a key fob yourself.

Key fob with sand dollar
Key fob with sand dollar

Step one is to cut out a strip of leather

Key fob strip
Key fob strip

Your leather strip will be the width you want for the key fob, and the length is determined by using a paper template. Cut out two semicircles then fold the strip at the cut out semicircles, and trim so the ends are even.

Folded and trimmed
Folded and trimmed with holes punched

You punch the holes in one side first, using a four pronged punch. Then Fold the leather in half and make pilot holes using the pre-punched holes.

Punching the edges
Punching the edges to make pilot holes on the other side

Flip the folded leather over and punch all the way through so you’ll be able to easily pass the sewing needle through the holes.

Next, you’ll pass the D-ring over one rolled end so it sits in the middle.

D-Ring is centered
D-Ring is centered

Then wet the leather, and use stamps to impress your designs on each end of the key fob.

Using a sand dollar stamp
Using a sand dollar stamp

Stain the leather, and paint your designs. I made two key fobs at the same time because the amount of time invested was almost the same as I moved through the processes.

Leather stained, designs painted
Leather stained, designs painted. I made two key fobs at once.

Use a stitching tool to sew together the folded key fob. See my post on how to use a stitching tool for more instruction on this process.

Using a stitching tool
Using a stitching tool

That’s it. You’re done!

Key fob, Enneagram
Key fob, Enneagram

Agreed, this was a very simple explanation, and the process of staining the leather, masking the designs and painting them, using the template, and how to cut the semi-circles are just a few of the details I’m unable to explain in this post.

Watch the video here

Here is a quick video tutorial

If you’d like to learn more and get the full step-by-step process, I’ve written a book called How to Make a Leathercraft Key Ring, for sale on

You can get this E-book free, by completing the form below, because I’d like to get your feedback on it. After you get the book, just come back to this post and leave your review below.

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