Sunday, October 25Aim for the target on the range and in life

About Us

When I started doing traditional archery, it seemed natural to want to make my own accessories in leather. The finger tab was easiest, just a finger hole in a scrap of leather. Then came the bow stringer requiring the addition of some para-cord. Finally a more complicated project involving stitching – the string keeper, and my acquisition of real leathercrafting tools. So this website was born, dedicated to both archery and leathercraft.

Thanks for visiting! – Mike

How We Finance This Website

We offer our own products, those from companies who advertise, and products on which we receive affiliate commissions. We keep our reviews and descriptions factual, and we avoid bias. Any of our own products comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and you are always welcome to offer your own reviews and comments on any of our products or those of our affiliates or advertisers.

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